Being Joy to the World by God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy

Today, there is a system of control trying to gain back ground, that has been lost, and it is failing?

Why? It is not from GOD.

I have met more woman than I can count that are victims of this false system.

You may be familiar with the system of a boot camp. It is typically is for soldiers who are preparing for to battle in a time of war. They are beaten down and trained up as they become the successful soldiers they are meant to be.

They have a similar system for women in prison today and it, too, is called “boot camp.” If these women survive this camp, or pass it, they get to be set free. BUT, I ask you, are they really free? I have found that the answer is most likely NO! Why? These are women, not all but most, who have spent their life being verbally, physically, emotionally, and sexually abused from one end of life to the other and now they get to be beaten down verbally and physically in hopes of making them real women who will love to obey. As you can imagine they are now, unfortunately, put into a far worse prison than the ones they just tried to escape from.

They have not been given the tools, that GOD operates with, of Truth, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, and (what they need most) LOVE.

Women will tell me over, and over, that PRISON did not change them but it was CHRIST, His Holy Spirit’s transformation and abounding LOVE, that caused them to feel that so desired acceptance, forgiveness, grace, and mercy and that is what brought them into living an entirely NEW LIFE.

So, today, I ask why in our society are we still trying to shame, guilt, and beat submission into people and put more laws on them in hopes of gaining back this lost ground? Are the laws, His word, that were written down for our learning not enough? Should we threaten and instill fear of man into a person in hopes of keeping them from sin? It may last for a time but it will not bring about true transformation only an outward appearance, if that, and it will fail in the long run. You cannot LEGALIZE morality. This only comes from Christ’s love for us and is a heart transformation. It must be from being born again of Him who is TRUTH.

What is that TRUTH? Well, for starters, it is that GOD is the only one who can transform someone by HIS Holy Spirit for His word is truth. We love HIM because He FIRST loved us, while we were sinners HE died for us, not after we became obedient to Him. Romans 5:8 His LOVE, mercy, grace, and kindness draws us to HIM. Remember that the law could not save man and the ways of this world fail. It is the GRACE of God and His mercies that are new every morning that transform lives as this world has NOTHING for us. Read Romans 12

May one be shamed into obedience? Yes. May one be threatened and filled with the fear of man and caused to walk in obedience? Yes. Will it truly last and transform their life or will they eventually turn from it, or worse, take their shame, fear, and anger and move it onto the life’s of others only to continue this vicious cycle of control? Does not GOD say we are not to exasperate people (children) into obedience?

How about guilt? Now, I am not saying we should not confess our sins and ask for forgiveness as God tells us we need to. 1 John 1:9 And I am not saying we should continue in sin either as Romans 6 says we should not. But should the basis of training one up to live in obedience be based on guilting, shaming, or beating them into submission? Let me see a show of hands of those out there who know they are better people today because they continually lived with guilt, walked in shame, and ran from fear of disappointing man and therefore became healthy, productive, citizens in society and live a victorious life.

The same stands true for most of those in prison today. They are not being taught that they are loved. They are not told how to live a life of forgiveness and greater mercy for those who did them wrong. They are not taught how to pray for their enemies, and most have no idea how to unconditionally love others or what that would even look like. They are taught to walk in pride if they successfully obey the laws within the prison system but their hasn’t been any heart transformation just an outward appearance of obedience. What most do know, or are taught, is how to manipulate others by their actions and to submit out of shame, guilt, and fear. They have it mastered how to continually live with their thoughts of failure and rejection. Their lives are not being transformed but rather hardened to live without love- His Love. I will tell you that exasperating people does NOTHING for His Kingdom.

I am not saying people should not be held accountable to the laws of the land and all be set free – physically anyway. But I am saying as Christians, who are mentoring to these inmates, we should be training them up in His truth and teaching them to be living a life that is free spiritually so they may KNOW the LOVE of Christ, be taught what His WORD says, know
of His Grace, and be joy filled in His Mercy.

It truly is only through the GRACE of GOD, and the transformation of the Holy Spirit, that ones life of sin is transformed and their mind is new, their fear of failure released, as they sit in the arms of the Savior being forgiven much, loving much, and being joy to the world.

In HIS arms of Grace & Mercy.


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