These are women RETURNING to the SHEPHERD of their SOULS!

1 Peter 2:25

“For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls!”

THIS is work, HIS WORK, and if viewed with human eyes it would be too hard and impossible.

This is challenging but we know that HE who is in US is greater than the one who tries to discourage us.

This is HIS HOME and what makes each VICTORY so sweet is we get to be the ones who are watching, and trusting in HIM, for every provision needed.

When we have climbed the mountain with the one woman and watch their victorious life shine – HIS victory in them living out and shining for HIS GLORY- than we truly are able to rest knowing it was worth it – all worth it!!

This is a battle but it is not ours.

This battle belongs to the LORD!!

That is our comfort, our strength, our peace in knowing we aren’t the ones who have to win – HE already has the VICTORY – we are just tools, HIS vessels. HE continually supplies us with HIS WEAPONS of defense, HIS Truth. We battle with TRUTH and HE wins, has won, has the victory, and the prince of this world NOW stands condemned. John 16:11 We don’t wait for him to be condemned … he IS condemned!

The truth is that we get to live in the VICTORY NOW!! We don’t have to wait for anything – it is OURS NOW!

This is so beyond us (a handful of a few humbled, unworthy, unqualified women who have been given a passion, a desire, a GOD given passion and desire for the souls of these women).

God asks of us to pray, to disciple in TRUTH, to be examples of HIS SPIRIT LIVING in us so they too will learn how to live the daily victory in CHRIST, and CHRIST alone, and we need to be speaking and reading HIS TRUTH daily. We must be living as children of the light. We put on HIS armor daily, HIS FULL ARMOR, and we wait on Him to give us the manna we need for that day. We have to use what HE has given us, trained in us, taught us, and spiritually gifted us with, and we must be about our FATHER’s business daily and not sit idle. This is the one thing I have learned in these past weeks is that we can’t be idle and lazy. We must not give the enemy get a foothold. Ephesians 4

ALL FOR HIS GLORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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