Healing Rain is Coming Down!!

I must share with you the answer to a prayer, a long summer prayer.

In June my volunteer status was accidentally pulled (well, now I know it was all part of GOD’s ultimate plan) from the Colorado Dept. Of Corrections. They sent my papers to our rental address and when they didn’t‘ get returned, they assumed I wasn’t interested, so they pulled my name.

Almost two years of going into the Prison to visit, disciple, encourage, and mentor with women at the prison and I was done??????


How could this happen???


I prayed, and cried, a lot and asked GOD to show me what I was to do. We moved here to minister to women and now this?

I felt GOD telling me to take the summer off and wait, wait on the LORD, and not lean on my own understanding … so I did.

Needless to say the long, hot, dry, two waterless, summer months kept on and on.

But PRAISE TO GOD just this week the answers started to come in. I am now ministering at a women’s After-care home where I will be mentoring, discipling, and freely HUGGING (as we never can hug in prison) women who are released from Prison.

So far THREE of the women I minister with are ladies, the very same women, that I ministered to in the prison, ones I was very close to, have tight bonds with. Ones I grieved with, friends I ached over leaving, ladies I wanted to be able to continue our friendship but knew the policy of the Dept. of Corrections was no contact after prison. Is there a GOD or what?

NOW, NOW, I know why He pulled me from the prison. HE KNEW THE PLANS. OH, let us fully trust in HIS HOLINESS, HIS SOVEREIGNTY, and HIS PLANS.

I could go on, and on, and on with stories, He is still so amazing to me. HE NEVER ceases to amaze me.

Today, as it poured rain, not once, but TWICE, I see, HIS HEALING COMING!! It has been sooo dry all Summer. And what did GOD PROMISE us upon moving here, over and over, that HE WOULD PROVIDE STREAMS in the dessert.

Every time I need to learn a lesson from him He lets me SEE it with eyes of the physical and TASTE it with the Spiritual. Our GOD is sooo good!!

It was a summer that I was to take off, to spend trusting HIM for direction. A dry summer but summer is now coming to an end.

The RAIN is here.



One thought on “Healing Rain is Coming Down!!

  1. This may have been part of His plan to rescue the women from the hands of a wolf in sheeps clothing. Non-the-less HIS PLANS are never thwarted and not one weapon forged against thee will prevail. Again, what the enemy meant for evil, my LORD used for good and turned all things out for HIS GLORY!!

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