I could have easily been discouraged these past weeks but I know the TRUTH and HIS TRUTH is what sets me free from fear.

He is in control! He opens, and shuts doors, as HE sees, and knows, the plans ahead. It is HIS PLANS that we do, not our own.

Job 42:2 I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwartedAll authority has been given to CHRIST!!

We are to GO to the ends of the earth. I am so thankful that early on in this ministry GOD showed me not to trust in man, listen to man, try to please man…but FOLLOW HIM DAILY!!

It amazes me how much is missed when we try to package and plan things according to our plans. Do we forget what HE says to us?

Jeremiah 29:11 HE KNOWS THE PLANS!

What God has purposed, He will do. He does not plan one thing, then whimsically change his mind at the last minute. His plans are not thwarted.

It is not a once a year trip HE is referring to when He says to GO. It is a life we are to surrender, to give, and GO with. We GO in HIS STRENGTH too, never in our own ability!

What also amazes me is how much BIGGER HIS VISION is than ours and how much further it reaches.

Are we to ever remain silent, or quiet, when it comes to HIS truth, the Gospel message? What does scripture say? It says we are NOT TO BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL!! We are to speak the GOSPEL to others, not just read it for our own growing, but to share HIS truth with others. They will know by hearing.

We are to be about our Masters business until HE comes.

We know, yet we do nothing?? Out of fear people do not go. They don’t believe HIS TRUTH.

According to HIS strength, not by our might, but by HIS SPIRIT we will GO and we will do HIS WILL!!

The mina didn’t belong to the servant, it belonged to the MASTER. We have no right to wrap that up, what GOD gave us, and confine it in our own understanding only and not share it.

Every one who consecrates their life to God through the provision of Christ’s merit receives one mina—that is, one pound

It is not enough to simply believe, the demons do that, but GOD says to GO.

We are not to withhold it from others.

We are to invest it in others.

To not invest in people shows that our faith is dead.

Faith without works is dead!!!

Works don’t save us, but they definitely show our true faith, our real growth, our true heart changed, our life transformed by the fruit we bare through CHRIST’s strength.

James 2: 14-26

GOD has some very powerful words to those who don’t share their faith with others too.

Luke 19:11-27

CHRIST must always be at the center.

Anything we do should not based on amounts in bank accounts, our organized plans, our personal egos, our ministry looks, personal theology, but CHRIST, and CHRIST alone.

It has to always be CHRIST CENTERED, all the way, and forever.

We need no personal agenda… but CHRIST, CHRIST, CHRIST!!!

Never should we change our MESSAGE from CHRIST. HE DOES NOT CHANGE!!

May we GO, only where HE says to go, and may we not sit idle by thinking we can sit and do nothing and that is all good.

It is NOT about getting numbers but about feeding who HE tells us to feed.

FEEDING is not just throwing some tracts at someone either.

It is getting involved in their life, personally, and the feeding of HIS SHEEP.

Whether it is one, or many, that is up to GOD but we are to GO where HE tells us to go and not just keep HIS word, truth, to ourselves.

GOD will direct our paths and give us the desires, HIS DESIRES, and may we run with them in HIS STRENGTH and HIS WHOLE COUNCIL!!

May we have such a love for the word of GOD – HIS TRUTH!


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