Does HE hear, me?

She asked, “Does He hear”, and a slight pause with a voice of sincerity, “me?” tears running down her face.

She had spent so long, so many nights, so many days praying for her request and she honestly didn’t know if HE, the GOD ALMIGHTY, that we were now talking about really heard her prayers.

Early that evening before reaching the prison GOD had already prepared me for this very question:

I always prayed for a sister as long as I can remember. While driving down to the prison that night it was if GOD was reminding me of those prayers. He said to me, “See, I answered in abundance as you now have more sisters than you can count.” It was true, so true, so amazingly true as I did have an abundance of sisters when I had just prayed for one.

Immediately my thoughts turned to my friend. My friend who wanted a son, and had a son, but he was taken from her at birth. “Why GOD? Why?” I cried. How many years had she spent praying for children?

“Don’t you see, don’t you know?” God said to me.

“No, GOD, Why?” I sobbed.

I listened as GOD spoke to my mind, “Look, look at what I am giving her now. She has a ministry for young boys and now has been given more sons than they can imagine. This is the plan I had all along for her. Her children are many, too many to count.”

This was again an answer to prayer in abundance.

I am taken back to the room where I was sitting with this young gal sobbing into her hands asking, “Does He hear, me?” Her prayer had just been a simple one. She wanted a “family,” one to call her own. She wanted a “room,” one to call her own.

The TRUTH than poured out of my lips, “He has heard you and He has answered. He has given you a forever Family, one that will be with you to the end, that will never leave you nor forsake you. His is a perfect Family as you are a child of GOD and He now is away preparing a room, a mighty beautiful room, that moth and rust cannot destroy for you – for you! See GOD didn’t want to answer your prayer just temporarily. He wanted to answer your prayer in abundance. That is the GOD we serve. We can’t always understand His ways but we can know that HE always has our best in mind. He is giving you in abundance what you prayed for and truly is giving you the desire of your heart.”

The room lay still except for the sound of falling tears knowing that our GOD does answer in abundance.

Today may you each know GOD who does answer every little prayer, no matter how small, in His perfect timing, in HIS mighty way, and often in abundance.

To GOD be the GLORY!!

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