After prison – full circle

Here we go – the mountain is being reached – and now it is time to SKI!!!

About seven years ago I was called into women’s prison ministry. I can hardly believe it has been that long. Wow, what a ride. I have seen so much but not as much as I am about to.

When I was called I avoided it. I was afraid of all my inadequacies. I told GOD no. He was persistent and waited for me. God took me through many things during this period of my life. Finally I fell before him and told him, “Here I am – send me where ever you want me to go – I am yours!” The doors opened. I went inside.

During the first 24 hours the enemy came against me with great force trying to get me to stop and not go. There upon my living room floor laid a newspaper, one we rarely buy, but that day my husband had purchased it and on the front page was an article of a lady who was in prison. It was a most terrifying story. The things she had done, dealt with, and was doing scared me big. She had even been so horrifying as to mutilate her own body. I wanted to flee and run! I could than see that it was the enemy trying to really scare me to not going into the prisons. I assumed if he was trying that hard to discourage one of God’s servants against their calling that GOD must really have a plan. So I rebuked the enemy and told him to get thee behind me that he didn’t have the things of God in mind but the things of man. Then an amazing, God filled, love and passion poured over me for the woman. That is where I have sat since. My love for inmates, or the unloved, is so deep. It is a good as it is a passion that I know it isn’t mine, it is HIS!

We want to let you know too that the rebuking of the enemy hasn’t stopped in the past seven years and those who know, know at times, we must stand up against him over and over but GOD is ALWAYS BIGGER, FAR GREATER, and HE is ALWAYS by our side and the VICTORY is always there.  AMEN!! We serve the most POWERFUL GOD!

This is what we want for every woman living in and coming out of prison. Will they face adversity? Oh yes!! Will they fail? We hate to say this but today many, many do without support. This is where aftercare comes in. This is why God has made us so passionate about knowing. We know it is coming. This is our reason for moving here.

We are excited to share with you how some of those barriers are being broken and the dreams of aftercare homes for women is becoming a reality.  A reality in need of workers, more homes, and a bigger future. Now we are praying for more workers. You can help us in many ways. God has planted and now HE will grow. There is prayer needed, mentors, workers, supplies, books, bible studies, teachers, … many more.

These will be a HOME not a house. These women will no longer walk alone. They will have other women who will befriend (mentor) them on the journey and walk with them side by side, through thickness and thin, onto the road to VICTORY. It really does take a village, and it is GOD’s village, and HIS workers to help one woman become a successful upon re-entry into the life and world as we know it.

Today, we’re asking you to join in prayer for these new homes as they get ready. If you want to know more feel free to contact us.

Pray about these ministries and need for homes and the entire FULL CIRCLE ministry to touch a woman’s life from the beginning, their family, children, and to the new opening AFTERCARE HOMES


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