Today, another set of barriers is set against us.

Easy? NO, it isn’t.

The uphill climb to the top sometimes seems endless yet we know it is to be reached.

Did Moses have it easy in the desert? NO!

What about Paul, did he ever face adversity?
Oh yeah!

Anyone who has set out to serve where they have been called most likely is going to face the barriers.

Are we alone? NO!

He equips us, trains us, but most important to me is that HE NEVER LEAVES US ALONE!

As we face forward, look not behind, we see them – the barriers and we hear the rain.
We also see and smell the beautiful bloom of the purple, passionate, once in bondage, flower that keeps us going as that imprisoned flower will blossom, bloom out light. The calling from HIM will succeed by HIS STRENGTH in us.

Wouldn’t the enemy like us to get down thinking that it is always all about sacrifice, costs, and barriers? It isn’t!

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20

"No eye has seen,
no ear has heard,
no mind has conceived
what God has prepared for those who love him"

There are for more victories, pleasures, and gifts that outweigh the costs. The risks and sacrifices of not being in HIS will are far greater and worse than when we know we are in the center, the circle, of HIS WILL.

May we see that beautiful full blossom today.

May we hear the rain, smell cleansing freshness of it, and see it as a blessing.

May the light, HIS LIGHT, shine and completely outshine all the darkness


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