Sometimes we are asked to just do something “BECAUSE HE SAYS SO!” without knowing the entire story of what is to come.

This morning I am reminded to keep my eye on the goal, the reason, for GOD moving us to this area. His reason for moving us here wasn’t for me to make new friends, although He has greatly blessed us with some real treasures. His reason for moving us here wasn’t to put us in a land of adventure, fun, great vacation spots for family and friends, and skiing (although my brother I am sure would beg to differ.) His reason for moving us here wasn’t to supply us with worldly wealth and abundance although HE has blessed us far more than we can ever imagine. When He called us to go, to move, to leave I know it was for another purpose. He has the plans and fully knows and understands each one even when we don’t. They are always to work for HIS GLORY and HIS PURPOSE not ours.

I still remember sitting in the chair one day before our move crying and telling God, “I just don’t think I can go GOD, I can’t leave this place.” His voice, so gentle, so calm spoke to my heart and just asked me, “Would you go if it was for just one woman?” That is the moment I surrendered and said, “Yes, I will go!” I knew I had nothing to fear and I was more ready and sure than ever before to go for one woman. If it were to change one woman it would be worth it all. My fears and insecurities flew out the door that day.

Today, I still don’t know who that “one” woman is or if it is many “one” women I have met or it could even be me, the one woman that GOD totally had to renew and stretch beyond her comfort zone and security, to know HIM more.

I remember leaving the prison in Iowa for my last time crying. I had to pull the car over, as I couldn’t breath. I was thinking of the women I was leaving but more importantly I was thinking of all the blessings, the witness I got to be to the mighty power of GOD working in their life’s, that I would have missed out on had I still said “NO” to going where HE had called me to go. Oh, the humility and awesome wonder of WHO HE WAS and IS!

God has done and shown himself to us here, too, as completely faithful and true over and over again since our move. We still have to go to HIM daily for strength, guidance, and trust, as we never are allowed to make it on our own or boast of anything we do. He gives us peace and all we have accomplished HE has done for us. Isaiah 26:12

During my study this week I came across a hard lesson again of having to do what GOD says just “BECAUSE HE SAYS SO!” In my human way of looking at things I want to do it my way so often. I think my way sounds pretty good, that is until GOD speaks to me through HIS word and tells me how to handle the situation. It is a total contradiction of how man, or me, would tend to handle it. I want to go and fix it, make it all better but GOD consistently in HIS word has told me to basically, “KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF IT!” Can this really be GOD not wanting me to go work this division out? He has shown me over and over in HIS word to “Leave, turn away from, come out from, leave alone, have nothing to do with, do not listen to (man) etc.” These are all found in HIS scripture and HE has had me reading them to speak them clearly to me when my thoughts were turned to my way of handling the situation. I wanted to just go mend it, talk it out, and I feared looking bad to others if I did nothing but walked away. Well, it isn’t about how I look once again. It is about GOD handling it HIS way. There are times when HE will tell us to do nothing but stay out of it and let GOD be GOD. If I would try to do it “my way” things would go a lot slower and simply not work. It isn’t by my might or will. I can’t change it. GOD CAN and WILL! When GOD does it He has a way of going about it in HIS time and things go as HE plans.

So, here I sit, trusting GOD with HIS PLANS, waiting on the LORD as HE renews my strength and I again get to fly on the wings HE had prepared for me long before this trial began. HE is faithful and I love HIM MORE today than yesterday, and I know not as much as tomorrow.

GROWING daily in my LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST!



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