Yesterday I was so truly blessed with a message about GOD planting HIS passions within us. It was like a tall (Venti -for those who know Starbucks sizes) cool glass of fresh clean water after a walk through the desert.
In his message he talked about knowing if GOD had planted a passion in you is when you are unable talk about it for more than thirty seconds without crying. Oh, LORD, I could so relate to that as anyone who has known me for very long knows when I talk about the passion I have been given for sharing Christ’s Victorious walk with the women I meet, and see, I cry… and often. I cry when I am at the prison with the women and we are reading the Bible. I cry when I share my hearts desire for after care homes. I even cry when I type this (grin). Has it been more than thirty seconds already?
I see crying as someone once shared with me, “It is an overflowing of HIS SPIRIT and it pours over and out like an overflowing cup” so I just let the tears come!
A few years ago I was sharing with a friend how much I desired an after care home for women. While I was speaking GOD revealed a truth in HIS word. I spoke to her, ” I have this deep desire and He said in his word that He gives us the desires of our hearts (thinking at the time that he would grant my prayer etc) but then I said again, “Did you hear that? What I just said? HE GIVES US THE DESIRES!” It isn’t the prayer that He answers that he is talking about here. It was the DESIRES that are planted in our hearts. HE is the one who gives us those desires as they don’t come from our own hearts, thoughts, dreams etc. WOW, I hadn’t ever looked at that scripture this way before. Today, I still hang to this truth knowing HE gave me the desire for HIS Ministry with women and if HE gave it – HE will do it! Not one door will be shut that HE opens. AMEN? AMEN!!!
Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart
Back to what the missionary shared yesterday. He showed me in scripture how when we have been given a desire/dream/passion for something that GOD will do what HE said, every promise, every covenant, even if it takes many years and doesn’t happen in “our” time. He referred to the story of Joseph and how Joseph knew that he would be the one, the one his brothers sheaves gathered around and bowed down to, but he didn’t know how, or when. We know the story tells of many, many times when it looked so completely hopeless for Joseph but GOD was still working, training, and preparing things in HIS TIME and HIS WAY!
He spoke yesterday of four Cisterns (deep empty wells) that will try to steal our passion away.
1. Fear:
Fear is something that will paralyze our faith that this (passion) will come to pass, this passion or desire that GOD has planted in our hearts to do. It happens when we look at the world, or man, and see all these road blocks and wonder “HOW can this be?”
2. Doubt:
When we are inclined to disbelief, feeling of uncertainty, or inadequacy.
Henry Blackaby said, When you believe that nothing significant can happen through you, you have said more about your belief in God than you have said about yourself.” Remember it is about what God can do, not us. God does extraordinary things with ordinary people! He does it because it is not about us… it is about Him. It is about directing a lost world to the risen savior which is a direct reflection of the Father. It is about bringing glory to God and he will do this when we let him. Now get out there and let Him show His glory to a lost world. Remember, it is not an insult to be ordinary, it is a trait of the family of God!
3. Rejection:
This comes when we feel we have been forgotten or maybe we have been betrayed.
We must remember this in no way means that GOD isn’t working, He is now using this, too, for HIS GLORY.
4. Poor Vision – the 50/20 Vision:
This was my favorite point made as it is referring to the verse of scripture Genesis 50:20
“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”
Many things may seem to come up against us that we see as evil, something trying to destroy God’s will, but look at HIS PROMISE – “HE MEANT IT FOR GOOD!!” Oh, I love that!!!
May we not have 20/20 vision but be given a vision of 50/20 and be found to be relying on HIS word and not the appearance of things that are happening.
Just remember if it is a passion from GOD it will come to pass and HE will do it – not you.
Keep trusting , keep reading HIS truth, and don’t give up even when the going seems impossible at the time. Be willing to plunge into the flood waters with HIM as HE is faithful to carry us every time. AMEN!!
Loving the LORD more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.

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