SET FREE: Life and Faith on Death Row

Karla Faye Tucker Set Free: Life and Faith on Death Row

This gripping story about the first woman executed in Texas in over one hundred years draws on accounts from family, prisoners, government officials, and friends to show how God used a remarkable woman to reach countless lives with a message of redemption and joy. Linda Strom, Tucker’s spiritual advisor and close friend for eleven years, includes photographs as well as excerpts from Tucker’s letters and interviews.

Below are some reviews from people who have read the book.

Radiance, By “M. Wise”

Great story about a real woman whose face shown with a radiance that only comes through knowing the forgiveness and peace of Christ. The author doesn’t sugarcoat the crime, and she doesn’t downplay the miracle of transformation that took place in Karla’s life.

Free Indeed!!, By “wilund”

Karla Faye Tucker first became known to the world when she was convicted of the brutal pickax murder of two people in 1984. A brief rundown of her childhood history reveals how Karla found herself on such a violent path, which led her to Death Row and no hope or future. But her story doesn’t die there…it is only the beginning. The Karla who was executed on February 3, 1998 was in no way the same woman who entered Death Row 14 years before. She was transformed by God’s Spirit shortly after entering prison. This is her story of redemption, hope, faith, grace, and the power of God in a life wholly yielded to Him. I actually found myself jealous of this pickax murderer on Death Row because of the consuming peace, joy, and hope, which filled her life. She even renamed her unit from Death Row to Life Row.

The author Linda Strom was Karla Faye Tucker’s spiritual advisor and dear friend. Linda tells not only Karla’s story, but she also tells her own story and the testimonies of many of Karla’s fellow Life Row Mates. These testimonies overwhelmed me and revealed that without question, the Spirit of God is able to bring sheer joy out of any person yielded to Him, no matter what their circumstance. It portrays the power of forgiveness…not just the forgiveness of others who have sinned against us, but perhaps even more difficult for some, forgiving ourselves of our own sins and accepting God’s forgiveness as well. And these testimonies show vividly that there is nowhere we can go where God is not able to use us. If we are willing, God can and will use us powerfully to change lives and encourage our fellow believers. This is an incredibly joyful, life-changing book, which every believer should read!

Message of Hope, by “Bonnie Campanella

Linda Strom’s book convicted my spirit as a believer and reiterated the message of forgiveness in a way I never thought of before. This book is not about the Death Penalty but a message of hope to all people. God wants us to be set free from the bondage of unforgiveness so that we can be right with Him and to experience true peace and joy. Karla Faye’s life was an excellent example of that. Regardless of where you have come from, this book will be a blessing to anyone!

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