Who is GOOD NEWS Jail & Prison Ministry?

People and Places
By Leroy Davis,
Vice President of
National Ministry
The faithfulness of God has
been clearly evident in the
way He has grown Good
News Jail & Prison Ministry for
more than 40 years. Good News
chaplains are currently ministering
to over 155,155 inmates in
144 jails and prisons in the
United States. Since 1961, Good
News has been committed to
responding to the mandate of the
Great Commission by taking the
gospel to people and places. As
we provide chaplains to America’s
jails and prisons, people are
hearing the good news of the
gospel and are trusting Christ
alone for salvation. In addition,
we are preparing to go to more
places in the Unites States to
reach more people. Kansas,
California, Nevada, Oklahoma,
and Texas are some of the potential
places for new chaplaincies.
The incarcerated offender
represents what is the least, last and
lost in American society. I was
recently asked in an interview by a
major radio program why Good
News works so diligently to minister
to people whom society wants to lock
away and forget? My response was
simple. The cries for help that are
coming from behind the walls
of jails and prisons constitute a
call from God to home missions.
If a Good News chaplain
does not respond to the cries of
the people, who will respond?
If a Good News chaplain does
not go to the places where the
people are crying, who will go?
Good News endeavors to be
faithful to God’s calling to
people and places.
Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
P.O. Box 9760
Richmond, VA 23228-0760

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