Identity – Who Am I?

Where does your identity come from?
Who am I?

I recently read a memorandum from my aunt and the history of the Holocaust. This was a truly terrifying time to be alive and a horrific time in history for so many. Yet, we read of those who knew their true identity and were able to overcome their fears and trust GOD despite their unthinkable earthly conditions. They knew then and know now where they will be spending their eternity, and with who, and have an identity that was left untouched by those evil human hands.

Today I think of so many that are trying to find their identity in their jobs and the amount of money they make for the year, their status in the paper and how many times their names are published, their health and how strong they are and how well they perform on the sports fields, their bodies and the shape or size they are and the grand clothes they wear, their husbands and the kind of wonderful wife or mother they are, their church and the type of grand little servants they are.

Where is your identity coming from and who are you? What if today someone came into our country, or your home, and took away all your money and wealth. What if they came and stripped you and beat you so you couldn’t walk or talk? What if they took your husband and children from you? What if they burned down your church? Then who would you be?? What would your identity be?

See, when your identity is in CHRIST, alone, it will not EVER be taken away… nothing will separate you from this true identity. No matter what happens to you you will be able to live in true security every day knowing HE is your identity and you can boast daily, non stop, in HIM and how you know HIM.

I am HIS!!!!!

Who am I?


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