Imprisioned Flowers that BLOOM!

Do you know those whose lives seem completely hopeless in the “world’s” eyes yet they are the ones who sing praise of joy the loudest?

How can this be? Where does their HOPE come from?

If you read in scripture in Acts 16 about Paul and Silas and how they were
severely flogged, beaten, and were thrown into prison yet were found to be singing praises later that same night. They sang as if they had everything because, truly, they did.

We see many who are joyful, even in prison, and sometimes may wonder how in such tragic conditions can their joy spill forward. Well, in scripture it says, “Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see” Luke 10:23

What are those things? JESUS and HIS FUTURE promise of GRACE.
They know, that they know, that their hope and future is not from this world. They know the true meaning of how to praise HIM in the storm even though their earthly heart and life has been severed and torn to pieces.

Do you know one meaning of a FLOWER is this: the best or finest part of a thing; the most valuable part. The most active and vigorous part of an army are called the flower of the troops. Young, vigorous and brave men are called the flower of a nation.

The most valuable part? Isn’t that awesome!!! This is how I see many women in prison today. As FLOWERS – HIS most valuable part. They were imprisoned before they began to bloom but while in PRISON GOD has called them out to be a beautiful witness for HIS Glory. They know, and now understand, that HOPE that is tucked away within their souls. This HOPE is from HIM.

In 1 Cor. 4: 1-2 HIS word says, “they are servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God. Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.”

IT is hidden from the world. The world does not understand it. They have been entrusted with HIS TRUTH!!

Well, isn’t singing of HIS GLORY, and the great things HE has done in their life to set them TRULY free, being faithful? They know, and understand HIM, because HE opened their eyes and ears to hear and see and understand fully who HE IS … now they get to share that openly from their hearts.

Richard Wurmbrand wrote once of prisoners who praise GOD, “For the first time a few ugly worms –caterpillars that creep on leaves – understand that, after this miserable existence, there comes a life as a beautiful, multicolored butterfly, able to flit from flower to flower.”

This is their happiness, they know that out of their miserable existance they have been given wings, and HE is where the freedom comes from. Even though for a time they may be an Imprisoned Flower… know they are BLOOMING where they are planted and they are free – Completely FREE!

May you know HIS TRUE freedom for your life and may you sing HIS praises no matter where you have been planted.


GLORY w/ Nichole Nordeman and Selah
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