BOOKS: Can’t wait to go back to prison

Why would anyone want to spend time in prison? Why do people visit strangers behind bars?

“No one needs to go unless they know God is sending them. It definitely has to be a ministry ordained by God.” said Debra Thompson.

This is true with any ministry and we all know that the safest place to be is in HIS WILL.

Inspiration and answers to these questions are found in the pages of this book.

Can’t Wait to go Back to Prison by Dr. John Michael Domino

Here is a book to read for those interested in Prison Ministry or the stories behind the bars.

Below is one persons response:

Straight from the introduction, I was excited about this book. Every word is brimming with the joy these people share for the prison ministry.

The organization of the book is ideal. It takes its testimony straight from the people who experience it, ministering to these hardened people. To describe the Kairos prison ministry, the author uses the words of many of the team members “from the outside”. In this way the reader gets a full understanding from many perspectives.Part 1 takes a deep look into the life of an incredible man, Lester Lemke. He shares his life experiences and reflects on his involvement with prison ministry. Part II focuses on some of his friends and a look into their thoughts and experiences in the minsitry as well. By seeing so many points of view about the work of Kairos, it really is like a mosaic put together from many beautiful pieces. Part III describes feedback from the impact of Kairos teams all over the world.

This is a perfect book for anyone curious about prison ministries. The spirit-filled words of these people will melt any hard feelings felt towards our Christian brothers and sisters on the other side. It will stir your spirit to some form of action, whether it be a call to ministry or a change of heart.

Every day reading Can’t Wait to Go I was filled with inspiration, love and compassion. It reminded me of ALL my brothers and sisters, not just the ones I chose to see. I was filled with the same fiery spirit that fills God’s children who go into battle as one team member put it, in Satan’s realm. It was also a constant reminder of Mathew 25:36 “I was in prison and you came to visit me”. Reading about these victories behind the wall filled me with incredible joy.


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