APRIL 2007 – Is it Impossible or does it just require a Little Faith??

Has God asked you to do something lately but others are telling you it is impossible or foolish?

As my husband and I were talking this morning this came to mind. Read Hebrews 11 about FAITH, let this be a source of strength for you. I was thinking this morning about Noah, Abraham, Moses, Paul, Job and their great FAITH.

Did God say,  ” Noah, when you see the rain coming, then you will know it is my will, so you can start building the ark?” NO! God told Noah to build it without any sign except the fact that Noah listened and obeyed GOD and had FAITH in HIS word. Noah had everyone coming against him telling him he was foolish and laughing at him as they didn’t see any rain and it hadn’t ever rained from the sky before.

Flood the whole earth? Are you serious? Oh, come on Noah, how can that possibly happen?!! You are wasting how many years building this big old ark for what? Aren’t we glad that Noah had faith and didn’t listen to man?

Abraham why are you going to leave your family? Your family is here. Why are you leaving when you don’t even know where you are going or what you are going to do when you get there. How foolish is this Abraham? This sounds pretty foolish to me! Aren’t we glad that Abraham had faith and listened to GOD and not man?

What about when GOD told Abraham he would have a son, and then God said to go and sacrifice his son? All of this took blind FAITH.

Moses, you can’t even talk so how in the world is anyone going to listen to you and set the Israelites free? Do you know how strong and mighty Pharaoh is? Come on, won’t those people be better off left in Egypt then they would if you drag them across the desert? Aren’t we glad Moses didn’t listen to man?

Paul, give it up! Look at the people who are beating you, imprisoning you, and stoning you. Look at all those who are against you. You have been in prison how many times now Paul? You have been beaten almost to death. You were in a terrible storm in the sea, Paul. You wrecked a ship and your men almost died. Give it up Paul… just quit! Do you really think you should be doing all of this? Do you really think God is with you? Aren’t we glad Paul had strong FAITH and spread the TRUTH of the GOSPEL?

Job, you have lost everything you have ever worked for and you are now so sick and about to die why don’t you just curse GOD and die? Why do you let yourself continue in this pain? Is it worth it Job? Do you really believe in the power of GOD. Because JOB had FAITH and believed GOD he received back everything he lost and MORE.  This is still OUR GOD!!

Over, and over, and over when JESUS healed people or performed miracles what would He say? “YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL!!”  Don’t DOUBT … BELIEVE!!

Look up in scripture also how many times Jesus would say, “Oh you of little faith” and than show Himself worthy over and over again.

Go and have FAITH that GOD will do this. Keep the FAITH and let GOD do HIS thing, in HIS time, and let us stop listening to man.

Did man create the earth in seven days? Did man heal anyone who was sick? Did man flood the earth? Did man part the sea? NO, GOD is the one with the power and wisdom and none of us could even get out of bed in the morning except GOD gave us legs and feet with which to walk.

HE, alone, is more than worthy to risk the entire world thinking we are foolish.

May not the wise man boast in his wisdom, may not the strong man boast in his strength, may not the rich man boast in his riches, but when we boast may we boast in CHRIST alone. (Jeremiah 9:23)

Walking daily in HIS FAITH that was given to me by HIS STRENGTH alone.


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