January 2007 -ROCK of TRUTH

Greetings to you all!
Yes, we are now in the Rockies and we are standing upon His ROCK of TRUTH.

HIS truth is really the only thing that will set us free. HIS Life and Light living within us sets us free and gives us understanding. This is the Holy Spirit’s truth! It is only by Relying On CHRIST (R.O.C.) that we are allowed to share this truth with others and watch them be set free from years of bondage, strongholds, and past pains that kept them in yokes of hopelessness.

Last month, for Christmas, we were given a wonderful gift. The Colorado Department of Corrections gave us permission to take His ministry into the women in the state of Colorado.  We are in the door, it is open, and He is alive and working in many lives. To God be the Glory.

We pray for every soul in that is living in bondage to be set free according to Thy perfect will. This month we had a wonderful service and prayer time.  God faithfully has shown us the hearts of these women in a short time. These are my sisters and live within my prayers every day. They are planted in my life.  He has promised healing from shame and disgrace.  He will give a joy everlasting for their life.

Will it be an easy journey, most likely not, but He is going to walk us through one step at a time into the road of victory and freedom. The chains are going to fall and grumble to the ground and our God will be their Shepherd. He will hold them in His arms very close to His beating heart.

Read Isaiah 61 and know that this is so key to what is happening within the walls of these prisons. Their walls are coming down.  The ladies are going to be restored and rebuilt.  They will gather strength from His truth.  They will be OAKS of RIGHTEOUSNESS a mighty planting for the LORD.

Yes, He is using inmates that others have left forgotten and thought as hopeless, to take His truth and light into the world of darkness. His Light shines in the most unlikely of lives. I know because He shines in mine.  It is His Life and Light that changed me so I am able to stand here, today, free from the chains that once held me captive. Hallelujah!

Pray for us to be given His wisdom and understanding as we open and read His Living Word. Pray for our protection and daily strength. Pray that we daily surrender to His good, perfect, and pleasing will.  May we lean on His understanding.  Pray for the funds needed to continue the work of this ministry.  Pray for His clear guidance and direction as we disciple His sheep.  May He lead them into green pastures and walk beside them near the still waters for HIS NAMES sake.

He called us and we are His chosen vessels to do the work He has set before us. This ministry is not by our will or might but by His! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!

Thank you and Christ Jesus’ blessings for the journey in His wonderful amazing Grace filled arms.


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