Today reading in Hebrews and John again shows me HIS GREAT love for me. How I am free from fear when I have FAITH (knowing for certain and knowing for sure) that HE IS GOD. I know He has saved me from the evils of this world. I know HE has paid it all for me. For me because HE LOVES me. HE shows HIS constant love by how HE prunes me. HE prunes those branches HE loves as HE cuts off the others and burns them. COMFORT my COMFORT HE IS… today and forever.

God Bless the Broken Road
by Selah

One thought on “FREE FOREVER

  1. Please let me know if you have visited or stopped by for a look. Any input is great. Glad to have you here and blessings to you on the Journey of a lifetime.

    Keep ROC’ in
    R.O.C. Womens Prison Ministry

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