Don’t Be Afraid – R.O.C. Women

“Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2 Kings 6:16)
Can you imagine having your eyes opened to seeing the POWER of GOD and HIS mighty army that surrounds us during the battle? He is there and HE is always FAR GREATER than the enemy, always and forever.
We are covered and protected by a great POWER – HIS HOLY SPIRIT! We don’t have to walk in a spirit of fear or of defeat. PRAISE THE LORD!!
When I read through 2 Kings I am just blown away by the mighty power of GOD. When I read about the cleansing of Naaman in the dirty Jordan river it just pleases my soul greatly at HIS abounding strength. It wasn’t that the river had some mighty healing power or some special touch.It was when Naaman finally humbled himself, realized he needed to have FAITH, and believes GOD at his word, obeyed Him, and did what was asked of him.
If GOD tells us to do something, we need to just do it, just obey, and not argue about everything that our human mind thinks logically that goes against the sanity of it.
Last night at the worship and study time was again very powerful. Many thanks for all of you who prayed for us during this time. The prayers were felt and were answered. HE hears the cries of HIS children.
Many victories and healings are taking place at the facility. HE is doing a mighty work there. He is binding up the brokenhearted. He is rebuilding, renewing, and restoring these women and their life to what they were intended to be … “DISPLAYS of HIS SPLENDOR” (Isaiah 61).
We are “MORE THAN VICTORS!!” (Romans 8:37) This means that in the middle of the battle, while things are still raging, or the outcome is still uncertain, that we are able to be conquerors still knowing HE is in control and those who are with us are more than those who are with them (the enemy). HE who is in us is far greater and more powerful than he who is in the world. Say it, believe it, and know it to be TRUTH, HIS TRUTH!
As my friend and I got in the van to leave last night we both just sat in complete silence and neither of us was able to speak for awhile. It was so powerful as we knew it was HIM, ALL HIM. It was HIM who worked last night. Him who spoke to the ladies. To witness GOD at work in such greatness and gentleness is amazing. How incredibly humbling to know HE has our plans in HIS hand and HE IS WORKING. To feel HIM, to see HIM, to know HIM and His work is just humanly mind boggling. We are unable to contain all the joy and power of Him in our little bodies. HE overflows!
When we read about JESUS and His ministry and how he dealt with the sinner we should be so eager to run to HIS loving arms. HE always treated the confessed sinner with such GRACE, dignity, and love. HE always met them where they were. Those who repented HE didn’t treat harsh. Even as HE hung upon the cross you see JESUS treating the confessed sinner, hanging on another cross beside him, with deep love and telling him that he would join him in eternity that day. The people JESUS treated harshly were the self righteous, the self sufficient, the Pharisees, the Brood of Vipers. JESUS was harsh with them and very critical of their hearts attitude.
He wants us to know, “You can’t do it!” There is nothing you can do to “earn” HIS GRACE … NOTHING!! He DID it all, HE wants the GLORY, and HE wants us to trust 100% completely in HIM to do the work, to rebuild, to renew, to restore all of it!! HE will use us as humble vessels but how dare we think we are adding something to HIS WORK. I am NOTHING without my LORD, I can do Nothing aside from HIM and HIS power. I am HIS and HIS alone! May He use me as HE wants, to do what HE wants, to accomplish what HE wants. May I never have my “own” agenda and may the desires of my heart be HIS that HE has planted within me. He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. (Psalm 25:9)
Do you want to be free? Then cry out for HIM and to HIM and surrender yourself – all that you have, all of you that you are, all of you that you are not, all your past, all your present, all your future – utterly surrender it all to HIM and HE will set you free. By the way, GOD will use our past and our present, good/bad/ugly/beautiful, to make us a greater person in HIM than we would have been otherwise without HIM.
There will be fires and trials, but HE will use them to set your bindings free. Read about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3) and how the only thing that was burnt and destroyed in the fire was their bindings. They were not burnt, scorched, or even touched and they didn’t even have the smell of smoke on them when they came out. It was also witnessed by King Nebuchadnezzar that they were not alone in the fire, so who was it that released them of those bindings? GOD!! And HE will do the same thing for you as HE wants you to be FREE.
It is CHRIST who sets us FREE! Not a program, not a study, not a formula, or a list of to do things, it is in CHRIST alone! Yes, He can and often does use a program or a study in the process of setting us free for they will reveal to us where we are bound and allow us to come face to face with it. But ulitmately HE alone is THE ONE who sets us free! Freedom through HIM can come in may various ways. It can be instantly like the demon possessed man described in Mark 5, or it may be a process of days, months, or years. Our part is to SUREENDER to HIM, BELIEVE HIM, and TRUST HIM to do it for us.
In Romans 7: 7-24 it says how he tried to do what was right, but always was doing what wasn’t right, when he tried to do it in himself, or of the flesh. He cries out, “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?” and he gives the answer, “Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!” IT IS CHRIST who rescues us – not our own efforts.When we set our mind on the SPIRIT that is when we walk in freedom. For where the SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS – THERE IS FREEDOM!! (2 Corinthians 3:17)
Thank you for your faithful prayers and may you all be set free from all that binds you, may you share your victories with others and shout of HIS freedom so others will be able to taste and see that the LORD is good; and blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. (Psalm 34:8)
Blessings on the journey in HIS arms,
from us both

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